Tim Bowness has today shared details of his new album Powder Dry. Set for release on 16th August, the album will be Bowness’s first release on the Kscope label. The first single from Powder Dry is the propulsive Rock Hudson, a paranoid ode to online discourse. Produced and performed by Tim Bowness and mixed by his partner in no-man Steven Wilson, the song is accompanied a vibrant abstract video by Matt Vickerstaff, which echoes Carl Glover’s artwork for the album.

Bowness says of the song, ‘Like all of the album Powder Dry, the song resulted from an attempt to capture a fleeting feeling as accurately as I could. This time the mood was dark, and there’s something of the spiky Post-Punk and Electro-Pop music of the early 1980s that captivated me as a teenager in the mix. Joy Division, The Cure, The The etc…’ 

Watch the video for Rock Hudson here:

Featuring 16 pieces over its restless 40-minute duration, Tim Bowness’s eighth studio album Powder Dry represents a new beginning on a new label. 

A collection of acute contrasts, the album is a vibrantly accessible and wildly experimental genre-blurring assault, embracing Industrial Rock, Electro Pop, singer-songwriter directness, haunted carnival soundscapes and more.

Entirely produced, performed and written by Bowness (a first), Powder Dry was mixed (in stereo and Surround Sound) by Bowness’s partner in no-man (and The Album Years podcast), Steven Wilson, who also acted as Bowness’s sounding board during the mixing process. 

‘I’ve had the pleasure to work on most of Tim’s solo albums, and for me this is the best and most creative of them all, partly because this time it’s truly a ‘solo’ album, showcasing not only his unique vocals, but also his distinctive approach to production and performance. It’s totally Tim!’ – Steven Wilson

Chronicling descents into ideological extremism, eco-apocalypse, and the all-too human quest for love in a time of crisis, the album is a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of sound; chasing feelings, searching for meanings and trying to capture the ever-elusive nowness of now.

‘Powder Dry’ tracklist

Rock Hudson

Lost / Not Lost 

When Summer Comes

Idiots At Large

A Stand-Up For The Dying

Old Crawler

Heartbreak Notes

Ghost Of A Kiss

Summer Turned

You Can Always Disappear

Powder Dry

Films Of Our Youth

This Way Now

I Was There

The Film Of Your Youth

Built To Last

Artist picture by Bryan Taylor.

Pre-order Powder Dry here:

Tim Bowness (burningshed.com)

Powder Dry’ will be presented on two beautiful, coloured vinyl LP editions – pink and yellow – alongside a bonus CD edition with 5.1 surround sound DVD included. Standard black vinyl LP and standard CD editions will also be available. Released on 16th August.


MAY 26, 2024

Load Street Studios, 3 Edwin Ave, Kidderminster UK

2 SETS – 2pm + 7pm

Only 25 tickets will be available for each set, so early booking is recommended for what promises to be a unique experience. 

Doors Open – 1.30pm and 6.30pm for 2pm and 7pm performance times.


JUL 27, 2024

EppyFest 11 @ Smokey Joe’s Diner, 16 Bennington St, Cheltenham, GL50 4ED

Cheltenham, UK


DEC 1, 2024

The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden, London NW5 3HS

Prog The Forest. Tim Bowness and Butterfly Mind will headline this year’s Prog The Forest. 

Review – VYÖNI. -The Tripoint

Music from the silent forests and the stormy seas…

VYÖNI is the studio-based playground for musician, composer and producer Kim-Frode H.Wøhni. Inspired by early 70’s progressive rock, jazz, post-rock, yoik and even more cinematic landscapes, many ingredients are thrown into the mix. All of the instrumental tunes are dynamically evolving around melodic themes and
grooves, both improvised and arranged, to create a truly unique blend!

Likened by renowned Scandinavian musician and producer Jacob Holm-Lupo to “a bit of Landberk or Finnish bands like Malady…”, Norwegian band VYÖNI have hit the sweet spot between classic Nordic prog and a more modern, post-rock influenced vibe. Sometimes dark and with a definite wry sense of humour deep at its core, ‘The Tripoint’ is a more cerebral listen and seriously smooth and intricate at the same time.

Kim-Frode H.Wøhni plays guitar, bass, field recordings, keys and programming: drums, rhodes, mellotron, clavinet, saxophone, vibraphone and strings, he is one mightily talented and impressive musician and this comes across clearly in the quality of the sound and the songwriting. At times it’s not for the faint hearted but those who have a deep love of the classic 70’s prog sound will lap this album up greedily.

‘The Tripoint’ is music for late nights, music to sit back and chill to and music to get deeply engrossed in. A dark, starry night deep in the woods in a cabin warmed and lit only by a log fire, mysterious, cryptic and enigmatic music filling the atmosphere with a mystical vibe which leaves you believing anything is possible. Shaky & Stirred is a perfect mix of classic 70’s guitar and mellotron with a jazz fusion background, title track The Tripoint almost arcane in its delivery, a subtle brass section adding an edgy jazz vibe, these tracks are just two out of nine incredible slices of nostalgia infused with a haughty touch of modernity.

This music would be at home in a smoke filled jazz lounge, a sip of whiskey and a cigar smoked as the erudite soundscape of Tales From The Ferries washes over you, especially the fantastic guitar solo that lights up this already brilliant track. There’s even a touch of 70’s classic rock in Steep Mountainside but whichever of these intense slabs of glorious music you listen to, you are going to be highly impressed by this absorbing, complex and captivating piece of work. ‘The Tripoint’ has catapulted VYÖNI immediately to the forefront of Nordic progressive rock.

Released 24th April, 2024.

Order from bandcamp here:

The Tripoint | VYÖNI (bandcamp.com)


Argovia is a rock band from Bogotá, Colombia. It was founded as a project in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist Ani Guillén (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals) and keyboardist and music producer Carlos Arminio.

The project began with the creation of an EP titled “Lost Letters” (2014), which earned them a nomination for EP of the year at the Unión Rock Show awards. In 2017, they produced their debut album “Distant Present” (2017) which was mastered by Toni Lindgren (Fascination Street Studios). “Waves,” the flagship song of this production, received radio play and was well-received by the local audience. “Distant Present” enabled them to tour several cities in Colombia, including Cali and Medellín, and solidify their participation in Prog In Motion 2017, the only local progressive festival. Furthermore, “Distant Present” was reviewed on various specialized music portals and allowed the band to transcend borders in terms of listeners.

At the end of 2022, Ani (Guitar and Vocals) and Carlos (keyboards) began producing their new studio material, citing influences such as Porcupine Tree, Riverside, The Gathering, VOLA, Steven Wilson, and Karnivool. Their challenge is to bring a rock proposal that can resonate with an audience not typically dedicated to progressive music, resulting in a completely renewed production that combines elements of progressive rock and modern metal. With this more mature and powerful sound, ARGOVIA recruits new members and collaborators. Felipe Candia, former drummer of the renowned Chilean progressive rock band Aisles, performed remote drum tracking for all tracks of this new production; Nicolás Paredes (The Vue) later joined the project.

ARGOVIA worked on their new production with Alejandro Londoño (Cultura Tres, Delain, Sepultura) handling the mixing and Steve Kitch, keyboardist of The Pineapple Thief, another flagship band of modern progressive, taking care of the mastering. This collaboration marked a shift from symphonic and digital elements towards a more mature, raw, and rock-oriented sound.

The band released 4 singles: Oceanborn, Who We Are, Crawling Is The Shape of Love, and The Devil You Are, as a prelude to their EP ‘WHO WE ARE,’ released 7th March, 2024.

The EP can be ordered digitally from bandcamp here:

Who We Are | Argovia (bandcamp.com)

The band has been reviewed and recognized by the largest progressive community in Latin America, “Nación Progresiva,” as “one of the great promises of Latin American prog.” The single ‘WHO WE ARE’ was nominated for the best Ibero-American single of 2023 in the Progressive Rock category. It has been featured on playlists selected by specialized curators of the genre such as The Prog Report, Progressive Latin America (curated by Felix Martin), DPRP.net, and Best New Prog Rock 2000-2023 (curated by Presagio Records).


Ani Guillén (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion) Carlos Arminio (Keyboards and Synthesizers) Nicolás Paredes (Bass) Mauricio Sanabria (Drums).


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/argoviaband/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Argoviaband
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/argoviaband
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/ artist/30eoDK4DOQuTQuzJeaqEJM?si=f9eXTlb6SSqtxCxtWIe8 7Q Bandcamp: https://argovia.bandcamp.com/

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/argovia/1282198060

RETURNED TO THE EARTH announces new album Stalagmite Steeple and single “Dark Morality”

Album available for pre-order now!

UK-based prog band RETURNED TO THE EARTH are pleased to announce the new album Stalagmite Steeple due out on June 14th via Giant Electic Pea.  The follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Fall of the Watcher,’ the new album is another intriguing journey through main man Robin Peachey’s particular take on life.

You can listen to the album’s opening track and first single “Dark Morality” here:

Robin Peachey on the new album:
“The writing for Stalagmite Steeple began in late 2020 during the recording of Fall Of The Watcher, my previous album. It’s been a 2 1/2 year recording process to get the album finished and I have worked again with Paul Johnston as producer/engineer/additional musician. Steve Kitch (The Pineapple Thief) has again mastered the album for me.

“‘Dark Morality’ is the opening track of the album Stalagmite Steeple and sets the scene for the album’s themes. “I saw a story about an elderly couple who were separated during the first Covid lockdown and unfortunately the lady passed away from natural causes. I found it incredibly sad that we couldn’t find a way to bring loved ones together in their final moments during this difficult period of our history. It seemed empathy and compassion were lost but the money spent for the privilege of being in the care home facility still rolled in. I didn’t want this event to be marked by just a single song so it formed the backdrop for the whole album.”

1. Dark Morality  7:19
2. The Final Time  5:00
3. Stalagmite Steeple  9:58
4. Meaningless To Worth  6:09
5. Die For Me  9:09
6. The Raging Sea  5:36

Pre-order ‘Stalagmite Steeple’ on CD here:

All songs written by: Robin Peachey
All music performed by: Robin Peachey & Paul Johnston

Tim Bowness Signs To Kscope

Tim Bowness has signed to London label Kscope (The Pineapple Thief, Porcupine Tree, TesseracT). A prolific singer, songwriter and producer, Bowness is known for his distinctive vocals and expressive style of songwriting and has worked alongside Steven Wilson (releasing seven studio albums with no-man) and, more recently, Nosound’s Giancarlo Erra (last week, Nosound shared their new single ‘Dogs’ featuring Tim Bowness). 

Speaking about the signing and hinting at new music, Bowness said, “With its eclectic roster and open-minded and adventurous approach to music and presentation, Kscope seems like a logical home for what I’ve been coming up with of late. I’m excited to see where it all leads.” 

Expect more news soon…

Review – Refestramus – Intour​í​st – by John Wenlock-Smith

I read about this album before I actually heard it and what I read certainly piqued my interest. The collection of bands I liked were name checked as either an influence on Refestramus’ sound or style so I knew I simply had to hear this album for myself. After a few false attempts, I managed to secure a download of the album from which I am able to write this review, so here we begin the journey into ‘Intour​í​st’.

The band Refestramus came about in May 2020 during covid lockdown sessions when main man and drummer Derek Ferguson assembled a group of like minded musicians to bring to life his ideas for a band. He found many of these through Fiverr.com although he had also been in touch with local Chicago internet radio DJ Ian Beabout who introduced Derek to Colouratura bandmaster Derek Pavlic, vocalist Nathan James, saxophonist Mitch Lawrence and Wisconsin multi- instrumentalist Jerry King. They later added Dave Newhouse, who plays accordion, and who helped Derek guide the debut album to completion.

Now, with all that history out of the way, let’s talk about the band’s second full album ‘Intour​í​st’, which was released earlier this month through MRR (Melodic Revolution Records). The album begins with a very strong track, DMK, which definitely has strong hints of classic pomp rock bands like Starcastle, especially in the synth and bass departments. As such, this blistering opener really makes a great impression on you and, in addition, the guitars are very solid and precise. It’s a very busy track musically with a lot going on throughout. There’s a long lead up to the vocals and Craig Cairns has a good voice, it is a great song with a great chorus to it. Second track Asunci​ó​n relates to the fact that Refestramus are big in Paraguay apparently. Again, this song has a great chugging melody along and a fine viola part, which sounds really good. There’s another fine chorus and the vocals are clear and crisp, this track works very well indeed. The Devil Returns is a longer track that opens with a smoky Hammond organ and saxophone interjections. It all sounds highly impressive and strong with another long intro before the vocals kick in. This is another impressive song which shows the talents the band possess. A strong sax break adds mood to this track, sounding very Styx like in places, a good thing to these ears.

What comes next is the albums showcase and longest track, the three part Intour​í​st Suite, which is a little different and off kilter and has elegant string parts and an almost pizzicato guitar in the opening section overlaid with a viola melody. Part(a) is Nevalyashka which is a Russian toy doll that is weighted so that it doesn’t fall over, Part(b) is Agent M vs The Sex Lizard, which leads onto the very 80’s sounding Part(c), Zombie Love, with its fabulous back beat that really enforces the strength of this excellent track, even if its meaning is a little unclear. Mr Darwin is a comment on human survival and natural selection. This piece has a wild saxophone all over another very busy musical track. I really like it I think it is a great song, as are the vocals from NIDA. Side Hustle evokes Jethro Tull in its style and tone. It is a short but very strong track with Nathan James in fine voice. The Red Apple recalls the Maxim Gorky tale of a Russian Horse thief, it has a great vocal again from NIDA which is suitably ethnic sounding. Again, this is a fairly short but nonetheless strong track. This is followed by the excellent Smiling, which has a great melody and fine vocals from NIDA, who sings with great feeling and emotion making another really excellent track.

Next we have a trio of bonus tracks, the first being a cover of Spirit’s Mr Skin, which is apparently a favourite of Derek Ferguson. The song was written by Jay Ferguson in the early days of Spirit and made a big impression on Derek in his youth. This version gives guitarist Derek Pavlic room to shine as he plays over the ending of the track. An acoustic version of The Red Apple works very well, showing the song’s inner beauty and strength. It is a really excellent version with more than a hint of Russia and France in equal parts. The final track is a Spanish version of Asunci​ó​n which, while adding very little to the original, is most likely aimed at Paraguayan radio where it gets frequent plays.

So there you have ‘Intour​í​st‘, an album of many delights, great songs and excellent music. Refestramus have delivered an an album that is a pleasure to listen to and one I have no reservations in recommending!

Released May 3rd, 2024.

Order from bandcamp here:

Intouríst | Refestramus (bandcamp.com)

Review – Nordic Giants – Origins

Nordic Giants, the enigmatic musical duo known for their captivating soundscapes and immersive live performances have solidified their place in the alternative music scene through a rich history of sonic innovation and visual storytelling. A cornerstone of Nordic Giants identity is their mesmerising live performances, which over the last decade have earned them a devoted global following. Combining live instrumentation, visuals and theatrical elements, their shows are akin to a religious experience, transporting audiences to otherworldly realms.

‘Origins’ invites audiences to embark on a voyage of discovery, delving deeper into Nordic Giants past. This brand new release will combine three of the very first Nordic recordings – A Tree As Old As Me (E.P), Speed the Crows Nest (Single), Shine (Single), plus a bonus track, onto one compilation album. However this compilation offers the listener a new experience, with many of the original recording sessions being revisited and many of the main instruments re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered, giving the songs a whole new lease of life. A re-birth and celebration into the Origins of Nordic Giants.

I have been a fan of Nordic Giants since they released ‘Amplify Human Vibration’ in 2017. Their multi-layered, complex and cinematic music really resonates with me so I happily pre-ordered the vinyl before I even heard the promo and I haven’t been let down by this enigmatic duo.

The eight tracks are powerful and outspoken and come from the very heart and soul of Rôka and Löki and deliver a truly immersive musical experience from beginning to end. Their trademark stentorian voice overs are present, especially so on the powerful opening track Together and the thunderous rendition of Dark Clouds Mean War that closes out this release.

Up to date recordings of tracks, including a truly hypnotic and mesmerising version of Through A Lens Darkly (accompanied by live montage video of combining over 25 different Nordic Giants performances ranging from 2010 all the way through to Damnation Festival in 2023) and a vibrant and riveting take on The Seed (the latter featuring a heartfelt and truly personal vocal performance from Jake Reid), feature newly recorded live strings, drums, piano, synths and guitars to give a much better feel of the duo’s live experience.

The duo deliver refined and laid back beauty on Glass Skinned Girl, a haunting piece of music enhanced by a wistful, ethereal vocal from Freyja and an impish, eclectic left field atmosphere with Shine, where Cate Ferris channels her inner Icelandic vibe, sounding not unlike an early Björk. The vivid vitality at the heart of the band is shown to perfection on the addictive splendour of Speed The Crows Nest, a majestic reworking of the classic track and the uplifting, unhurried grace of B.O.A.T.S that benefits from the gorgeous vocals of Amdine.

‘Origins’ is a wondrous journey through all that is great about Nordic Giants. A collection of songs that have been fine tuned from the original to deliver an almost spiritual and addictive listening experience and one that will not just appeal to long term fans of this utterly compelling band but also to those lucky enough to be discovering them for the very first time.

Released 7th June, 2024.

Order from the band’s website here:

Origins Pre Order | Nordic Giants

Review – Trifecta – The New Normal – by John Wenlock-Smith

‘The New Normal’ is the sophomore album from Trifecta,the band of Nick Beggs (Bass and Chapman Stick and Vocals), Adam Holzman (Keyboards and Synths) and Craig Blundell (Drums and Percussion). With Beggs and Holzman from Steven Wilson’s band and Blundell from Steve Hackett’s band, this trio craft mainly Jazz/Fusion pieces although this time around there are several vocal track on which Beggs sings, he actually has a really melodious voice.

The majority of these tracks are under three minutes in length but, even so, within those short pieces there is a definite invention and ingenuity within the playing to make something different to what could be expected. Chinese Fire Drill being a good example of this, out of a gentle keyboard melody comes a fiery guitar passage which later returns to the gentle melody earlier heard. Ouch! My OCD is another weird track, with dialogue between Beggs and Blundell on sibling rivalry that is a carry over from the previous track. There’s good use of a didgeridoo that plays a central part to the track too, a very ingenious track this one, another sturdy drum pattern is also important and Impressive here. Other tracks have a funky backbeat and Hammond organ blazing away to fine effect with Beggs’ bass or stick usually propelling the pace of the music from the front. Daddy Long Legs is a really interesting track with a rock solid bass line and some synth noodling from Holzman, all bound in the precision of Blundell’s drums. It’s a most gripping track with a great sound tand classy rhythm.

Also of note is the off kilter, acid jazz feeling, Just feel It Karen. Again, a great bass line from Beggs helps drive this track along and Holzman’s synths dive all over the rhythm section’s propulsive thrust. It’s another ingenious track which shows the formidable talents of Beggs, Holzman and Blundell off to a tee. The interplay behind the trio is highly impressive and extremely musically tight and satisfying, how they manage come up with these odd pieces is a question only they can answer but at least they are prepared to share these fruits of their labour with us, which is all the more rewarding. Once Around The Sun With You is possibly the most normal song of the album as it has a melody and a theme of sorts, whereas Ornamental Lettuce is just plain weird and sounds like something Frank Zappa could have conceived on an off day! This brief, yet very busy, track has a really powerful drum part that makes it stand out.

Canary In A Five and Dime is a song about ex US president Donald Trump and it is not a flattering song for him by any means. Stroboscopic Fennel is another brief but entertaining track with an Interesting tale to tell. Stupid Pop Song brings to mind Beggs’ Kajagoogoo years in style and it’s actually rather good and memorable. Wacky Tobaccy is a more jazzy track with great bass or stick playing throughout. Wake Up Call is another jazzy tune with an almost call and response feel to it and this works well here.

‘The New Normal’ is rather short and yet, within its eighteen tracks is some really excellent and unusual music. Okey, some tracks work better than others but, overall, I would propose that it is definitely much more hit than miss. It’s an interesting release and, whilst I understand it may not be to everyone’s taste, I enjoyed it immensely.

Released 12th April, 2024.

Order from the link here:

Trifecta – The New Normal (lnk.to)

Highway Prog All Day Festival 2024 Announced – Line up Includes Magenta

Al Winter of Yorkshire proggers This Winter Machine has announced the date, venue and line-up for the 2024 edition of the Highway All Day Progressive Rock Festival, ‘Highway ’24’.

Al Winter: “After holding the successful Highway Prog all day festival in Hull for the last two years, this excellent day of progressive rock moves to Leeds for 2024. The heavy hitting line up consists of Paul Brunton (acoustic), Candacraig, Simon Godfrey (ex Tinyfish), Stuckfish, This Winter Machine and superb headliners Magenta.” Al continues, “The venue is the Eiger Studios on New Craven Gate, the doors will open at 1pm and tickets for the day are £25 in advance from See Tickets”.

Highway ’24 will take place on Saturday 21st September, 2024 and tickets can be purchased from See Tickets here:

See Tickets – Highway ’24 Tickets | Saturday, 21 Sep 2024 at 2:00 PM

This Winter Machine.

Review – The Dave Foster Band – Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us – by John Wenlock-Smith

‘Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us’, the new album from The Dave Foster Band, lands at the end of May. Once again, Dave is joined by the talented Dutch vocalist Dinet Poortman, along with contributions from the likes of Steve Rothery (Marillion), Mark King (Level 42) and Carly Bryant (Big Big Train), among others. On This beautifully constructed album we have songs of great imagination yet also with genuine emotion and warmth.

This superb record opens with Sleep Spindles, which has a guitar sound that, to my ears, is very reminiscent of Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits. It is a stunning sound that Dave evokes and certainly fits the track very well indeed. It most definitely captures the attention with its atmospheric soundscape and palette, Dave’s guitar really soaring here with his fabulous tone and vibrancy. This is a stunning opener, along with it being a real statement of intent, I find myself really drawn to this mesmerising track with it shimmer of sound. It certainly evokes patterns of sleep and has a hugely impressive vocal from Dinet too. The epic guitar solo that concludes this great track is evidence of the great things that are to come. The uber-cool Talent To Failure features the unmistakable bass presence of Mark King who drives the track along in a powerfully upbeat manner, adding his trademark bass slap at certain points to give a real groove to the song. While Mark’s presence is felt here in  this busy track, Dave delivers another graceful solo as well and Dinet’s vocals are 100% on point. Overall this collaborative effort really pays off well and sounds great, one can only hope they do more together as the results could be really spectacular, only time will tell, I suppose. Pollyana has a very orchestral sweep to the sound, laid over a beautiful acoustic guitar, which is interspersed with electric guitar fills. This track sounds glorious with a warmth that is always evident, even when Dave’s solo comes in against the great background that really sounds glorious, another most satisfying song.

These Tendencies has Steve Rothery contributing, which makes it very interesting as both Steve and Dave perform regularly in the Steve Rothery Band. It’s good to hear them together here, Steve giving a beautifully melodic solo towards the end of this track. It is a short piece but where every note matters and it is wonderful to hear such excellence as is delivered on this stunning song. The Optimist has a touch of electronica amidst some strong power chords, very like The Who in places, and hugely effective. The song is very positive in tone as it calls for us live in hope, despite the world being as it is, and to realise that some days are better than others. Another blistering solo from Dave fires the song upwards, it’s a terrifically upbeat track. Queen Of Maybe is mostly piano driven with a stylish vocal from Dinet, who, once again, sounds wonderful here. Another good lyric impresses with it’s warmth and sensitivity, as Dave’s solo rises effortlessly from the melody lines, Dinet weaves a web with her expressive vocal. I love the positivity of this song, especially as it really connects with me.

With the penultimate track, Delicate Things, Dave gets to show his appreciation for Muse as he adds crashing power chords to great effect. The song talks about how we often neglect the small things in life and forget that everything worthwhile is usually free, which is a truth we probably all need to hear and employ in our own lives! The album closes with Whirling Of Whales, which is a briskly paced number with a thoughtful lyric that really appeals here. It’s cry of, “If we work it out, if we even this out” resonates vividly, it’s a great lyric and a strong chorus. A wonderfully vivid extended guitar solo break drives the song towards it’s close before a return to the chorus and another brief, but brilliant, guitar freak out fires the song to a climactic ending.

I didn’t think Dave Foster could top 2023’s excellent release ‘Glimmer’ but I have to concede that this album has grown on me significantly over the past few days and it’s star has risen accordingly. The truly great artwork by Japan based Tsuki Kitsune also really enhances the album and I really like the positive lyrics that really connect with the mess of a world that we live in today, they help these amazing songs shine out like nuggets of gold in a dark world.

Released 31st May, 2024.

UK/Europe order here:

English Electric Recordings (burningshed.com)

North America order here:

Dave Foster Band – The Band Wagon USA