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Music from the silent forests and the stormy seas…

VYÖNI is the studio-based playground for musician, composer and producer Kim-Frode H.Wøhni. Inspired by early 70’s progressive rock, jazz, post-rock, yoik and even more cinematic landscapes, many ingredients are thrown into the mix. All of the instrumental tunes are dynamically evolving around melodic themes and
grooves, both improvised and arranged, to create a truly unique blend!

Likened by renowned Scandinavian musician and producer Jacob Holm-Lupo to “a bit of Landberk or Finnish bands like Malady…”, Norwegian band VYÖNI have hit the sweet spot between classic Nordic prog and a more modern, post-rock influenced vibe. Sometimes dark and with a definite wry sense of humour deep at its core, ‘The Tripoint’ is a more cerebral listen and seriously smooth and intricate at the same time.

Kim-Frode H.Wøhni plays guitar, bass, field recordings, keys and programming: drums, rhodes, mellotron, clavinet, saxophone, vibraphone and strings, he is one mightily talented and impressive musician and this comes across clearly in the quality of the sound and the songwriting. At times it’s not for the faint hearted but those who have a deep love of the classic 70’s prog sound will lap this album up greedily.

‘The Tripoint’ is music for late nights, music to sit back and chill to and music to get deeply engrossed in. A dark, starry night deep in the woods in a cabin warmed and lit only by a log fire, mysterious, cryptic and enigmatic music filling the atmosphere with a mystical vibe which leaves you believing anything is possible. Shaky & Stirred is a perfect mix of classic 70’s guitar and mellotron with a jazz fusion background, title track The Tripoint almost arcane in its delivery, a subtle brass section adding an edgy jazz vibe, these tracks are just two out of nine incredible slices of nostalgia infused with a haughty touch of modernity.

This music would be at home in a smoke filled jazz lounge, a sip of whiskey and a cigar smoked as the erudite soundscape of Tales From The Ferries washes over you, especially the fantastic guitar solo that lights up this already brilliant track. There’s even a touch of 70’s classic rock in Steep Mountainside but whichever of these intense slabs of glorious music you listen to, you are going to be highly impressed by this absorbing, complex and captivating piece of work. ‘The Tripoint’ has catapulted VYÖNI immediately to the forefront of Nordic progressive rock.

Released 24th April, 2024.

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