Tim Bowness – When Summer Comes (orcd.co)

The sublime second single from Tim Bowness’s forthcoming Kscope label release Powder Dry is out today. The track, titled ‘When Summer Comes’, is a shimmering fusion of treated pianos, Mellotron flutes and bittersweet vocals. A quietly haunting soundtrack for a film that never was, the piece presents a potent mix of classic croon and blissed-out atmospherics.

Bowness says, “There’s a yearning, nostalgic quality to the song, I think. It’s about someone trying to convince themself that meaningful change will come, while instinctively knowing they’ll end up making the same mistakes again. It’s a cinematic ballad with hints of personal favourites such as late ’60s Scott Walker and Beehive-era David Sylvian. Inevitably, there’s some no-man (and a lot of me) in the mix as well.”

Mixed by Bowness’s partner in no-man, Steven Wilson, the evocative, abstract video for the song was created by Matt Vickerstaff.


“This is the best and most creative of all of Tim’s albums.” – Steven Wilson

Featuring 16 pieces over its restless 40-minute duration, Tim Bowness’s eighth studio album Powder Dry represents a new beginning on a new label.

A collection of acute contrasts, the album is a vibrantly accessible and wildly experimental genre-blurring assault, embracing Industrial Rock, Electro Pop, singer-songwriter directness, haunted carnival soundscapes and more.

Entirely produced, performed and written by Bowness (a first), Powder Dry was mixed (in stereo and Surround Sound) by Bowness’s partner in no-man (and The Album Years podcast), Steven Wilson, who also acted as Bowness’s sounding board during the mixing process.

Powder Dry tracklist

Rock Hudson

Lost / Not Lost

When Summer Comes

Idiots At Large

A Stand-Up For The Dying

Old Crawler

Heartbreak Notes

Ghost Of A Kiss

Summer Turned

You Can Always Disappear

Powder Dry

Films Of Our Youth

This Way Now

I Was There

The Film Of Your Youth

Built To Last


Powder Dry – new album from Tim Bowness (lnk.to)

– Limited edition pink vinyl LP – exclusively available on the official Tim Bowness/Kscope store

– Limited edition yellow vinyl LP – available through indie retailers (w/ signed art print available from Rough Trade UK ONLY)

– Limited edition – 2-disc CD & DVD – includes DVD with 24-bit 48khz PCM stereo and 5.1 Dolby Digital mixes by Steven Wilson

– CD / LP / Digital

– Exclusive signed postcard included in all pre-orders from the Tim Bowness & Kscope store


JUL 27, 2024

EppyFest 11 @ Smokey Joe’s Diner, 16 Bennington St, Cheltenham, GL50 4ED

Cheltenham, UK

DEC 1, 2024

The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden, London NW5 3HS

Prog The Forest. Tim Bowness and Butterfly Mind will headline this year’s Prog The Forest.

Artist picture by Leon Barker.

Review – Geof Whitely Project – Hard Words Break No Bones

“The Geof Whitely Project was formed in 2011, it consists of Geof Whitely and special guest Musicians, the aim of the project is to put out original material in all types of musical formats from Prog Rock-Rock-Pop-Electronic-Instrumental. All albums will contain a mix of such musical songs, theres surely one that will appeal to everyone.”

I seem to be trotting out this introduction to Arny Wheatley’s musical project quite often at the moment as he is on another productive roll, this new album ‘Hard Words Break No Bones’ coming hard on the heels of January’s release of ‘The Reckoning’ and soon to be followed by ‘Paper Tiger’. For some musicians releasing albums this close together would dilute their output and content but, for some reason, it doesn’t seem to happen with Arny and the Geof Whitely Project. Each album is consistently of good quality with great songs and musicianship.

What we have got on this and the previous release is more of a darker, harder and edgier sound that is reflected in Arny’s increased reliance on a stand out guitar sound. It started on ‘The Reckoning’ and has become even more of an influence on this impressive new release. Flowing synthesisers and an elegant rhythm section are the foundations and key to what we expect from the Geof Whitely Project but the darkly delicious and sometimes ominous guitar now adds another layer of refinement and sophistication. Arny’s instantly recognisable vocal gives a feel almost of a narrator on each of the nine precisely nuanced tracks and the album flows superbly from beginning to end. That’s the other thing with a GWP album, it’s not one where you pick tracks for a play list, every release works best when you listen to it in order and from the start to the finish.

There are many highlights throughout but the ones that really stand out for me are the demonstratively dynamic opener Corridors of Power with its catchy vocals, rumbling synth and brooding guitar, the polished and vibrant Creatures of the Night with its charismatic synth lines and superb guitar solo, the fiery Forbidden Fruit with its resonating riff, funky rhythm section and fine vocal performance from Arny and my personal favourite, Uncertainty Rules, which opens with portentous keys and a pensive, intense guitar before expanding with a super stylish keyboard and drumbeat. To my ears it’s one of the best tracks GWP have ever done and continues to impress with it’s sombre tone and Arny’s solemn vocals, add in the brilliant guitar that closes out the track and, trust me, you are not left wanting. Pirates of the Third Reich is an utterly absorbing listen but there’s no filler on this album.

‘Hard Words Break No Bones’ is yet another winner from the Geof Whitely Project, incisive songwriting and a powerful, widescreen sound combining to deliver a rather impressive listening experience. Bring on the next chapter Arny!

Released 20th July, 2024.

The album will be available to buy on bandcamp soon:

Music | Geof Whitely Project (bandcamp.com)

Review – Marco Glühmann – A Fragile Present

Leaving the comfort zone of your own band to embark on new musical paths requires courage. Marco Glühmann, the singer of one of the most successful German Artrock bands Sylvan, should not lack this, as he is used to being in the spotlight. It is a testament to his enormous creativity that he used an extended break from his main band to try something new without the necessary compromises, guidelines and restrictions of his fellow musicians. The result is a fantastic album, full of energy and esprit, which moves somewhere between rock, artrock and sophisticated pop music. 

‘A Fragile Present’ includes a contribution from Steve Rothery, one of Marco’s musical heroes, on the first single released, My Eyes Are Wide Open as well as a ‘who’s who’ of the artrock and progressive scene, Billy Sherwood from Yes also makes a guest appearance: he contributed the choirs on Hear Our Voice in the very best Yes style. RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner plays most of the guitars on the album and was not only involved as co-producer but also as arranger.  Sylvan guitarist Johnny Beck also contributed many parts and the rhythm section consists of drummer Tommy Eberhardt and bassist Markus Grützner (RPWL). All of this was recorded, mixed and produced by RPWL mastermind Yogi Lang at Farm Studios, who also played some keyboards.

Marco on the album title: “‘A Fragile Present’ reflects the fragility of the ‘gift of life’ or the ‘transient present’, whether in a personal or global context. It’s not a concept album, but the songs are nevertheless connected in terms of content, as this fragility and fear of loss accompanied me in the creative process.”

Being a big fan of Kalle Wallner’s gentle art of music label, I will always check out any release that I get sent and, once again, the label haven’t let me down. ‘A Fragile Present’ is a glorious and uplifting celebration of life in music form, artrock, symphonic rock, progressive rock, they are all thrown into the mix to create one of the most impressive rock oriented albums I have heard this year. Marco Glühmann has a wonderfully expressive voice, highly emotive and passionate and his use of vocal harmonies on this album is a work of genius.

Marco composed most of the songs in a very short period, although a couple of them, Reach Out and Black The Shade Out, have their roots in original songwriting sessions from 2010. What you get is a powerfully stirring release with memorable melodies and many hooks and a fierce energy that just leaves you returning for more. The album opens in fine style with a trio of superb tracks, the widescreen symphonic rock of the wonderful Hear Our Voice, a powerfully intimate piece of music which uses Marco’s lush vocals to perfect effect. The crunchingly powerful chords of Wallner’s guitar are perfect counterpoint and the choirs make the harmonies even more impressive. Edgy and hard rock oriented, Never Say Goodbye is a pulsating track that keeps you on the edge of your seat and the beautiful, wistful notes of Reach Out, with its soaring chorus showcasing Marco’s elegant voice, is simply divine.

Faceless is granite hard with a primeval, chugging riff driving things along and Marco’s vocals having a much fiercer edge to them, it’s like a cross between prime Scorpions and something a lot more industrial (Rammstein perhaps?) and I really like it. Look At Me has a more introspective and nostalgic air and, with its progressive leanings, it’s almost like a pause for breath and a reset after the exhilaration of what’s gone before, Yogi Lang adding a refined feel with his keyboards. I adore the pared back, restrained beauty of the sublime At Home, where Marco’s voice is the centrepiece and For A While is a finely constructed piece of pop music with a fragility at its core and superb harmonies that would have been at home in the charts of the late 1980’s. A tense build up then thunders into the rocking thrill ride of Black The Shade Out, a proper cut of powerful and exhilarating music that grabs hold and just wont let go. A more muted vocal this time lets the music do the majority of the talking and there’s an almost wild, unhinged feel to the track in places, a proper, earthy, rocker proving less can always be more.

There’s also a tense, edgy atmosphere to One Last Hope, a staccato rhythm and coruscating guitar dominate before the sumptuous chorus gives another angle, a song of ying and yang and another fine piece of music. Life Is Much Too Short has a refined acoustic guitar backing Marco’s halting, yearning vocal on this melancholic track. There’s a rarefied, mournful, grace to the music and Kalle’s soaring solo is perfectly judged. The penultimate song on the album is the darkly moody Running Out Of Time, another track that has some stylish pop sensibilities to it. The rhythm section has a funky feel to it and the whole track just ebbs and flows superbly, Marco’s vocal used a foil to the clever music rather than the cutting edge. The album closes with the electronic grandeur of My Eyes Are Wide Open, the first single from the album and a song in which Marco sees himself and his son, “The lyric ‘Lay your head on me, oh my little boy’ still gives me goosebumps, because I imagine myself and my son here and feel the love, the shortness of the moment, but also the responsibility of ‘sending’ him into this world”. The keyboard sound is very cinematic and Marco delivers yet another sublime vocal performance, his voice, this time, the definite centrepiece of another stunning piece of music although Steve Rothery’s ever so elegant solo needs to be noted too.

A Fragile Present’ is an utter joy to listen to from beginning to end. The superb musicians and absorbing songwriting give us an album of utterly captivating songs and one where the memorable, engaging voice of Marco Glühmann is given free rein to take centre stage and deliver one of the best vocal performances of the year so far.

Released 14th June, 2024.

Order CD or Vinyl from Gentle Art Of Music here:

Latest Releases | Gentle Art of Music

All streaming services here:

Marco Glühmann – A Fragile Present (bfan.link)




Monday 24th June – Reissue specialist label Madfish have shared details of 8314 Boxed, a limited-edition deluxe boxset tribute to Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson’s treasured solo works. The package, set for release on 23rd August, will include – 

  • Includes exclusive first-time vinyl releases of Divinities: Twelve Dances with GodThe Secret Language of Birds (2LP), and Rupi’s Dance (2LP)
  • Walk Into LightDivinities: Twelve Dances with God and Homo Erraticus remastered at half speed by Air Studio
  • Roaming in the Gloaming LP offers previously unreleased live recordings from 1995-2007
  • Beautiful side D etchings on 3 of the 10 records

 96-page book with foreword by Ian Anderson, extensive liner notes by Paul Sexton and exclusive pictures


Ian Anderson’s solo albums explore different sonic landscapes and instrumental line-ups, each record in this boxset standing as a testament to his versatility. From the electronic experimentation in Walk Into Light and the profound narratives of Homo Erraticus, to the acoustic serenity of The Secret Language of Birds, these albums are a reflection of Anderson’s unending creativity and his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical styles into cohesive, captivating works.


“8314 Boxed” – 10 LP box set (lnk.to)

314 Boxed 10LP breakdown:

Walk Into Light (1983) – half-speed remaster

Divinities: Twelve Dances with God (1995) – first time on vinyl, half-speed remaster

The Secret Language of Birds (2LP) (2000), etching on side D – first time on vinyl

Rupi’s Dance (2LP) (2003), etching on side D – first time on vinyl

Thick as a Brick 2 (2LP) (2012), etching on side D

Homo Erraticus (2014) – half-speed remaster

Roaming in the Gloaming (previously unreleased live shows from 1995-2007)

“Hey, but someone has to try oddball things, don’t they?

Might as well be me…”

– Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson’s mind as a listener, which would mature into a lifetime of format-blurring creative ingenuity, was opened when he was a mere six-year-old. By then, already relocated with his family from his birthplace in Dunfermline to Edinburgh, he heard an old family 78 rpm disc of Glenn Miller and his Orchestra’s irresistible gem of 1939, In The Mood

“My father had a few treasured wartime records, mostly big-band stuff,” he told Prog magazine. “I remember having an epiphany, because In The Mood introduces you to the elements of blues, effectively. That was my first moment of thinking: ‘Hmm, this music is something special.’”

A word from Ian Anderson on 8314 Boxed –

“Since 1983, I have made a few solo albums, not as dissatisfaction with fellow musicians or the group identity but usually just to try something a bit different, whether sonically, stylistically or in terms of instrumental line-up. These records all stand out for me as being quite different from each other and in some ways demonstrate a broader depth of my songwriting. The flute instrumental Divinities record is one of my favourites to this day”.

8314 Boxed will be released on Madfish on 23rd August


“8314 Boxed” – 10 LP box set (lnk.to)

Jon Hunt announces his new album ‘An Explosion Of Nothing’ set to release on 09/08/24 via Seven Notch Records

Pre-orders will open through Bandcamp on 05/07/24.

‘An Explosion Of Nothing’ is Jon’s fourth full-length album. It’s 46 minutes (ten tracks) of eclectic music, and his first major release since his ‘Emergency Call EP’ in 2019. It includes the singles ‘Conjure Something’ and ‘Penultimate’ (to be released 05/07/24).

Jon’s music has been played on Tom Robinson’s prime-time BBC6 Music show, and also by Gideon Coe on the same channel. His 2015 ‘Morning Sun’ compilation (featuring songs from his first three albums) had overwhelmingly positive reviews including ‘Classic Rock’ and ‘Prog’ magazines.

Programmed as a musical and lyrical journey, the album has a sound and feel which is obviously rooted in the 21st century, but with a spirit that hearkens back to some of the more ambitious albums of the past. Experimental, post and progressive rock flavours sit alongside industrial beats, yearning acoustic numbers, and quirky psychedelia. In one particular case all in the same song!

Says Jon: “I can’t stand using artists and bands as reference points, as a lot of my favourites have completely changed styles over the years. In terms of kindred albums to this one I’d probably have to mention the likes of ‘Jehovahkill’ by Julian Cope, ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase.’ by Steven Wilson and ‘Odludek’ by Jimi Goodwin (Doves) – if only in terms of musical variety and the album being a ‘journey’ that you can immerse yourself in.”

‘An Explosion Of Nothing’ will be released on Friday 9th August 2024 on all steaming services, plus CD in a digipak containing a 16 page lyric/artwork booklet for those that still prefer a physical product.

Track listing:

01 Bait & Switch 5:18

02 Conjure Something 4:52

03 Resonance 2:39

04 Lift To The Ritual 2:54

05 Dionysus Appears Close To The A36 5:39

06 Engaged/Living Life In Acres 7:10

07 So Much Mouth, So Little To Say 4:30

08 Strawberries & Milk (Engaged II) 3:26

09 Penultimate 5:17

10 Wonderful Life


All words and music written by Jon Hunt.

Jon Hunt: Vocals, guitars (acoustic, electric, 12-string and bass), keyboards, samples &percussion.

Huw James (Carcrash Casino): Drums on tracks 1, 6 and 9.

Engineers: Jon Hunt, Sam Dyson, Simon Kitts, Tim Kramer, Jon Clayton, Dave Shalloe

Produced and mixed by Jon Hunt.

Mastered by Steve Kitch at Steve Kitch Mastering.


2008: Truth & Bullshit

2011: Wanderlust

2013: So Much Promise

2015: Morning Sun (Compilation of tracks from first three albums)

2019: Emergency Call EP

Artist photography by Daniel Selway.

Lesoir share video for 3rd single ‘What Do You Want From Me?’’

New album Push Back The Horizon released 20th September 2024 (V2 Records

Lesoir, a five-piece band hailing from Maastricht, Netherlands, and formed in 2009, has quietly cultivated a global fan base and are now ready to step out of the shadows again for their 6th album ‘Push Back The Horizon’ to be released on September 20th 2024.

‘Push Back The Horizon’ includes 10 songs, composed by the bands guitarist Ingo Dassen, and lyrics and vocal lines written by singer and multi-instrumentalist Maartje Meessen. 

The album is produced by John Cornfield, known for his work with Muse, Kashmir, Razorlight, Supergrass, Robert Plant, New Model Army & Ben Howard, among others. In addition, dedicated collaborated for the vocals with Paul Reeve, Matt Bellamy’s (Muse) vocal producer. The instrumentation was recorded at the Muziekgieterij, Maastricht. The vocals were recorded in Cornwall, UK. Mastering is done by Steve Kitch, keyboardist of The Pineapple Thief. String compositions and arrangements by Ingo Dassen, James Merryweather and Maartje Meessen. The album will be released on CD, LP (black), 2LP (Bloody Mary coloured with ‘Babel’ as bonus track) and digitally.

The album offers a snapshot of relatable stories, emphasizing life’s potential for both thoughtful moments and unexpected events that provide glimmers of hope. Centered on family and brotherhood, it transcends geographical boundaries, highlighting the power of collective action. Instead of dwelling on the past, the album encourages a forward-looking perspective, urging a collective effort to try again for a better outcome. On new single ‘What Do You Want From Me?’ the band state,

“In an increasingly hardened political and social climate, a government is increasingly diametrically opposed to its citizens. From that perspective, discontent predominates, and that feeling is reinforced when poverty grows and social securities decline. ‘What do you want from me?’ is about feelings of powerlessness and injustice, which unfortunately more and more people relate to.”

The video is produced by Crystal Spotlight, known for their work with Steven Wilson & many others. Watch it now – 

Lesoir has always had a professional DIY mentality, for the last 4 years Lesoir built a team around them with Glassville Music as their management and bookings agent worldwide. This gives the band the opportunity to focus on their marketing and performance. The band has been completely self-supporting on social media, partly produces its own videos, has a permanent in-house crew, its own mixing desk, IEM, microphone, backline, transport and is equipped to play a show anywhere. For years, the band has been proactive in getting the story of & behind the band across the stage online and offline.

In 2019, the band toured for 5 weeks with prog legends Riverside. After the tour, the band made a real splash within the scene and the subsequent self-released album, with the help of Glassville Records, called ‘Mosaic’ was met with high praise and landed on several annual charts.

The band had about 20 headline shows lined up when the pandemic broke out. When touring was temporarily no longer an option, the band used its time to release the 20-minute-and-20-second epic ‘Babel’ on a ltd handmade etched vinyl. The 250 pieces were independently released and sold out within four weeks.

‘Push Back The Horizon’ is poised for a global release by V2 Records, renowned for their collaborations with Skunk Anansie, Mumford And Sons, Moby, Kaiser Chiefs and Ane Brun.

Pre-order the album:

LESOIR | Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree


30.06.24 Openluchttheater Valkenburg (NL)

18.08.24 Crescendo Festival Saint-Palais-Sur-Mer (F)

Review – Rod While – Integrity

‘Integrity’ is the new album by Rod While. It is an instrumental album with primary instrumentation comprising guitar, synthesisers, keyboards, drums and bass. The loose album concept relates to the alarming decline in honesty and integrity amongst our political leaders in recent years and the need for some kind of hope for the future of our planet. The album spans a number of genres including prog rock, jazz fusion and electronica.

Rod While is a guitarist, songwriter and producer who has played in a variety of bands including Trekellion Skyway and Sarajevo. In 2021 he embarked on a solo career with the release of ‘Open the Cage’, an instrumental album of diverse material from progressive rock to jazz fusion to electronica and orchestral. In 2022 he released his second album of original compositions ‘Vigil’.

Rod’s ethos can be summed up in this statement, “I do not seek fame and fortune in music but have a simple desire to express myself through my music and to move others. I will never be a rock star; I will always be Rod While and my music is a kind of summation of everything I have listened to and enjoyed since I was a teenager.”

I have been an admirer of Rod’s music ever since I reviewed ‘Vigil’ and this new release sees this talented musician deliver more of his deep and immersive soundscapes. It’s cerebral music for the thinking man and there are no short term fixes or vapid earworms anywhere in sight. Sepia tinged nostalgia mixes with edgy electronica to deliver fourteen tracks and fifty five minutes of deeply engaging, mesmerising and, at times, riveting music. Rod’s musical influences are extremely wide ranging from classical to jazz to rock to electronica and you can hear that throughout this impressive, cinematic journey.

There are many highlights among the absorbing track list, the edgy, funky style of The Death of Context with it’s pulsating keyboards and sharp, stylish guitar lines, the sweeping, wistful grandeur of The Somnambulist that contains a fluid, jazzy guitar that reminded me of Martin Taylor and the industrial, energetic electronica and fuzzy guitar of Radical Lies to name but three of them.

To my ears, there are touches of a more laid back Kraftwerk in Burn Down the Blue Skies and The Fermi Paradox and Rhyme, Reason and the Apocalypse and Las Burillas lead you into a wide vista world of Jean-Michel Jarre and a night sky full of stars. One of the more left-field and intriguing pieces on the album is Survivor Elation, a moody and introspective track that has an almost alien feel to it and could be the soundtrack to a deep and thoughtful sci-fi film, it’s all very clever and mesmerising.

Once again, Rod While has that uncanny ability to draw you in to his creative universe and, with ‘Integrity’, has delivered his most absorbing and thought-provoking work yet. If you like beguiling and captivating music that asks questions of the listener then this will be right up your street.

Released 26th April, 2024.

Order from bandcamp here as a ‘name your price’ release

INTEGRITY | Rod While (bandcamp.com)

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess announces new solo album ‘Permission To Fly’; launches epic new single ‘The Alchemist’ 

Legendary Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess is pleased to announce his brand new solo album ‘Permission To Fly’ will be released on the 6th September 2024 via InsideOutMusic. No stranger to experimentation, known for leading the charge in pushing creative, sonic, and technological boundaries, his latest endeavour, epitomizes this ethos, delving into the complexities of human existence within our multifaceted world.  

As Jordan Rudess explains, “The essence of the album is deeply informed by the tumultuous events of 2023-2024, with motifs of peace and anti-violence woven throughout many of the songs.” 

To mark the announcement, he has launched the epic new track ‘The Alchemist’, with a video by Wayne Joyner. Watch the video now here:

While some previous releases were true solo pursuits, this time, Rudess assembled a core group of musicians to support and elevate his vision.  The album features Jordan alongside That Joe Payne on vocals, Darby Todd (Devin Townsend) on drums & Steve Dadaian on guitar, as well as guest guitar solos from Bastian Martinez. 

With the music in capable hands, Rudess wanted to make sure to give the lyrics their proper attention. For that, he turned to a source close to home, his daughter.

“All the lyrics on the album were written by my daughter, Ariana. While I enjoy writing lyrics myself, my primary focus tends to be on the sonic quality of the words. For this album, I wanted to delve deeper and offer something that resonated on a more profound and cerebral level. Ari did an exceptional job.”

‘Permission To Fly’ will be available as Limited CD Digipak & Gatefold 180g 2LP (both incl. bonus material), as well as digitally. Pre-order now here:

Jordan Rudess – The Alchemist (lnk.to)

1.         The Final Threshold 04:08

2.         Into The Lair 09:31

3.         Haunted Reverie 05:14

4.         The Alchemist 08:36

5.         Embers 04:03

6.         Shadow of the Moon 05:29

7.         Eternal 08:53

8.         Footstep in the Snow 04:02

9.         Dreamer 05:03

10.       Incarnation 03:31 (Bonus Track)

11.       Chopin Fm 05:33 (Bonus Track)

 Listen to the previously released track ‘Embers’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3Gik6QfFHE

Jordan recently made his live debut with Darby Todd & That Joe Payne, with two rapturously received sets on the 2024 edition of Cruise To The Edge, also marking the live premiere of the new single ‘Embers’.

More information on Jordan Rudess:

Renowned as the “Best Keyboardist of All Time” by Music Radar Magazine, Jordan Rudess stands out as the extraordinary keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist for the platinum-selling, Grammy Award-winning progressive rock band, Dream Theater. Embarking on his musical journey as a classical prodigy, Jordan initiated his studies at the illustrious Juilliard School of Music at the age of 9, laying the foundation for a career marked by a distinctive fusion of classical and rock influences.

Beyond his role in Dream Theater and the power group, Liquid Tension Experiment, Jordan’s musical prowess has resonated across a diverse spectrum of collaborations. From Deep Purple and David Bowie to Steven Wilson and Jan Hammer, he has left an indelible mark on the industry. Notable projects such as LMR (his side venture with Tony Levin and Marco Minneman), Steven Wilson’s Blackfield, guest appearances with Deep Purple and the Dixie Dregs and collaborations with artists like Enrique Iglesias, the Paul Winter Consort, Annie Haslam, and many others, underscore the breadth of his musical reach. 

Venturing into the realm of cutting-edge technology, Jordan has emerged as a pioneer with a focus on state-of-the-art keyboard controllers and music apps. As the owner of the highly successful iOS app development company, Wizdom Music, he has spearheaded the creation of award-winning apps, including GeoShred, MorphWiz, SampleWiz, Vythm, Polywave, Jam with Jordan and SampleWiz 2. GeoShred, Wizdom Music’s latest triumph, was a collaborative effort with moForte, founding members of Stanford University’s Sondius team. Rudess is currently working on an AI interactive project as Visiting Artist at MIT’s Media Lab in the Responsive Environments group. 

PURE REASON REVOLUTION announce new album ‘Coming Up To Consciousness’; launch first single ‘Dig Till You Die’

Progressive alternative rockers Pure Reason Revolution return with their sixth studio album ‘Coming Up To Consciousness’, released on the 6th September 2024 via InsideOutMusic. Betrayal, deception, fear, grief, mortality, and questions of sanity: heady and primordial themes animate the latest conceptual LP from Pure Reason Revolution.

Jon Courtney comments: “Spawned from the bereavement after my dog was put down, a numb & dry creative spell ensued, but after a meeting with my writer friend Craig Walker (Archive/Power of Dreams) & sharing how the last months had been, he urged me to get this experience down in lyrics & music. Suddenly the album flew out of me/us! In terms of recording process, this album was probably the most enjoyable to make, with the various collaborations firing creativity.”

To mark the announcement, the band have also launched the album’s first single and opening track, titled ‘Dig Till You Die’. You can watch the Thomas Hicks-directed video here:

‘Coming Up To Consciousness’ is the third of its post-hiatus renaissance records that began with 2020’s ‘Eupnea’ and continued in 2022’s ‘Above Cirrus’. Like those two predecessors, the new record is intensely personal. Its eight tracks are all between four and seven minutes long – concise by PRR standards – and they grapple with darkness of various kinds.

Courtney, who lives in Berlin, shared writing duties on several tracks with US-based Greg Jong. The pair formed Pure Reason Revolution together in the early 00s at the University of Westminster, creating breakout hit ‘The Bright Ambassadors of Morning’ as their third year project. They reconnected during the creation of ‘Eupnea’ and have continued the partnership since then both in the studio and on stage. Legendary session musician Guy Pratt, who has worked with Pink Floyd among myriad iconic acts, provided bass guitar on seven of the eight tracks, resulting in more ambitious bass lines than any of Pure Reason Revolution’s previous records. Meanwhile, Ravi Kesavaram, of My Vitriol fame, returns to the drums on this record after touring with the band in 2022.

Another newcomer on this record is vocalist Annicke Shireen, known for her work with Shireen and Heilung, as well as her solo project. Shireen stepped in after original PRR member and fan favourite Chloe Alper was unavailable for recent live shows. With Alper’s schedule remaining packed for the foreseeable future, she has been unable to rejoin the lineup. She and Courtney agreed it made more sense for Shireen to sing on the record if she was going to continue appearing in shows. Both Courtney and Jong have nothing but enthusiasm for working with her:

“They’re impossible shoes to fill in a lot of ways,” Greg Jong says. “But we were just blown away with how good she is. We were really excited by the fact that vocally she does have a similar tone to Chloe, and yet she definitely holds her own.”

The band was equally thrilled to work with multiple members of prog icon The Pineapple Thief; the record was mixed by Bruce Soord, mastered by Steve Kitch, and sees Jon Sykes playing bass on one track. ‘Coming Up To Consciousness’ is also the third PRR album to feature cover art by Jill Tegan Doherty, who Courtney originally met in Berlin on a German language course. 

The album will be available as a Limited CD+DVD Digipak (featuring 5.1 Surround Sound & High Resolution Stereo Mixes), Standard CD Jewelcase, as well as a Gatefold ReVinyl LP (Recycled Vinyl), and digitally in both stereo and Dolby Atmos. Pre-order now here:

Pure Reason Revolution – Dig Till You Die (lnk.to)

The band have also confirmed their first tour dates in support of the album, playing in Europe alongside Lesoir in September & October, starting at Be Prog! My Friend Festival in Barcelona.

27th September – Be Prog! My Friend, Barcelona, Spain*

29th September – Stummsche Reithalle, Neunkirchen, Germany

30th September – Backstage By The Mill, Paris, France

1st October – Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany

3rd October – Cpunt, Hoofddorp, Netherlands

4th October – Progpower Europe, Baarlo, Netherlands*

5th October – 013, Tilburg, Netherlands

*No Lesoir

The band will also make their first appearance on Cruise To The Edge in 2025, alongside Steve Hackett, Riverside, Haken, Big Big Train, Robert Fripp & many more.

Review – Rik Loveridge – Generations

In 2021 multi-instrumentalist Rik Loveridges Parkinson’s diagnosis led to him leaving The Kentish Spires. The only proper responses were a little cry and a new album. The album was released in 2023 under the pseudonym of Single Helix and called ‘Prog Gnosis’. I had the pleasure of reviewing it, coming to the following conclusion, “With his Single Helix project and this Prog Gnosis album, Rik Loveridge is baring his soul, both musically and personally and, not only is it a superb release, it is very brave of him to do so. I can highly recommend this completely uplifting album, you won’t regret it.”

Rik has returned in 2024 and released a new album, this time under his own name, called ‘Generations’ and and with a title track inspired by a poem by Hamish MacNeil (AKA Macaque);

As men forget and are forgotten
The stones remember
And wood remembers, keeps
Records in rings, and history
Sings through other things buried
In the earth.

We rub our lives against them
In ignorance, unpick the fabric
Of the past one kicked stone, one
Dug ditch at a time. The broken
Threads of lives fray like nerves, unravel,
Reach out to touch and teach us,
Our ancestors, generation upon generation.

The mighty works of the Celts and Brittons,
The Romans, Saxons, Normans, all their
Oxymandian constructions still speak from
Open graves, murmur beneath the weight
Of new vitality, wait to be heard again, while

My sons’ bones and their grandsons’ bones
Will join my bones and my grandfather’s father’s. The dust will be richer, but
The memories will be gone. 

Rik was assisted by various musicians including Nick Fletcher (John Hackett Band), Sam Loveridge-Miller and his 1 yr old granddaughter Willow Loveridge.

‘Generations’ is a relatively short album by today’s standards at thirty eight minutes long and consists of nine short tracks (plus an instrumental of the title track) that sit perfectly well together. There’s a delightful flow to the album with a perfectly judged melting pot of musical genres being exposed by a quite wonderful musician. Obviously, with Rik’s roots from being a member of The Kentish Spires, there is a more than a touch of folk to things but it is blended perfectly to create something a bit more eclectic and that appeals to a wider audience. A totally relaxing musical experience is delivered on tracks such as the elegant opener Awaken and the almost radio friendly pop feel of Didn’t mean it, a song that has a real feel of the legendary Joe Jackson to my ears with the gorgeous swirling Hammond organ and perfectly judged vocals. Rik has a penchant for delivering tightly constructed tracks with superlative musicianship on show and that is completely evident here, the delightful guitar at the end, with its fluid jazz tones, is an added delight. Exposure II with its world music vibe and fiery psychedelic guitar fills is another insightful piece of music that has more of an edge than the opening two tracks and its coruscating, harsher tone really appeals to these ears!

Forever Young has a psychedelic, funky and totally 70’s atmosphere right from the get go and is another fantastic track that hits the sweet spot, just check out the guitar playing and tell me it doesn’t put a smile on your face. Title track Generations takes electronica as its core theme and strides confidently onto the scene with the refined voice over taking centre stage; “The soil waits to welcome. Reach out to touch and teach us, Our ancestors, generation upon generation.” It’s a striking and confident piece of music that really makes its mark. A more laid back and relaxed Talking Heads? Well, if such a thing could exist, it does on Earth Reborn, a swirling, cultured track that is another stand out on an album full of confident, literate and accomplished music.

Wistful and sepia tinged, Lazy day does exactly what it says on the tin with its full on 70’s psychedelic nostalgia washing over you in waves of comforting sound. Rik’s echoing vocal, the hypnotic keyboards and flashes of strident guitar all combine to deliver a mind expanding experience (without the need for anything illegal!). Post Truth State is just superb songwriting, there’s no other way to put it. An incisive five minutes of music that brings images of XTC to my mind with its sharp, shrewd lyrics and a guitar sound that Dave Gregory would be might proud of. For me, it is the highlight of the album among some rather special tracks. The album proper closes with the dark and moody Road Dreamer where the sublime 80’s infused keyboards are front and centre before a calming acoustic guitar takes over and we are gifted a mightily impressive instrumental piece that has a true widescreen cinematic feel to it. If you’re lucky enough to hear the instrumental version of Generations then that is an added bonus and fits perfectly with the rest of the album.

Rik Loveridge has taken us on a quite moving and immersive musical journey with the rich and deeply engaging ‘Generations’ and should you choose to join him, you will be richly rewarded.

Released 1st January, 2024.

Order from bandcamp here:

Generations | Rik Loveridge (bandcamp.com)