Review – Geof Whitely Project – Hard Words Break No Bones

“The Geof Whitely Project was formed in 2011, it consists of Geof Whitely and special guest Musicians, the aim of the project is to put out original material in all types of musical formats from Prog Rock-Rock-Pop-Electronic-Instrumental. All albums will contain a mix of such musical songs, theres surely one that will appeal to everyone.”

I seem to be trotting out this introduction to Arny Wheatley’s musical project quite often at the moment as he is on another productive roll, this new album ‘Hard Words Break No Bones’ coming hard on the heels of January’s release of ‘The Reckoning’ and soon to be followed by ‘Paper Tiger’. For some musicians releasing albums this close together would dilute their output and content but, for some reason, it doesn’t seem to happen with Arny and the Geof Whitely Project. Each album is consistently of good quality with great songs and musicianship.

What we have got on this and the previous release is more of a darker, harder and edgier sound that is reflected in Arny’s increased reliance on a stand out guitar sound. It started on ‘The Reckoning’ and has become even more of an influence on this impressive new release. Flowing synthesisers and an elegant rhythm section are the foundations and key to what we expect from the Geof Whitely Project but the darkly delicious and sometimes ominous guitar now adds another layer of refinement and sophistication. Arny’s instantly recognisable vocal gives a feel almost of a narrator on each of the nine precisely nuanced tracks and the album flows superbly from beginning to end. That’s the other thing with a GWP album, it’s not one where you pick tracks for a play list, every release works best when you listen to it in order and from the start to the finish.

There are many highlights throughout but the ones that really stand out for me are the demonstratively dynamic opener Corridors of Power with its catchy vocals, rumbling synth and brooding guitar, the polished and vibrant Creatures of the Night with its charismatic synth lines and superb guitar solo, the fiery Forbidden Fruit with its resonating riff, funky rhythm section and fine vocal performance from Arny and my personal favourite, Uncertainty Rules, which opens with portentous keys and a pensive, intense guitar before expanding with a super stylish keyboard and drumbeat. To my ears it’s one of the best tracks GWP have ever done and continues to impress with it’s sombre tone and Arny’s solemn vocals, add in the brilliant guitar that closes out the track and, trust me, you are not left wanting. Pirates of the Third Reich is an utterly absorbing listen but there’s no filler on this album.

‘Hard Words Break No Bones’ is yet another winner from the Geof Whitely Project, incisive songwriting and a powerful, widescreen sound combining to deliver a rather impressive listening experience. Bring on the next chapter Arny!

Released 20th July, 2024.

The album will be available to buy on bandcamp soon:

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