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Nordic Giants, the enigmatic musical duo known for their captivating soundscapes and immersive live performances have solidified their place in the alternative music scene through a rich history of sonic innovation and visual storytelling. A cornerstone of Nordic Giants identity is their mesmerising live performances, which over the last decade have earned them a devoted global following. Combining live instrumentation, visuals and theatrical elements, their shows are akin to a religious experience, transporting audiences to otherworldly realms.

‘Origins’ invites audiences to embark on a voyage of discovery, delving deeper into Nordic Giants past. This brand new release will combine three of the very first Nordic recordings – A Tree As Old As Me (E.P), Speed the Crows Nest (Single), Shine (Single), plus a bonus track, onto one compilation album. However this compilation offers the listener a new experience, with many of the original recording sessions being revisited and many of the main instruments re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered, giving the songs a whole new lease of life. A re-birth and celebration into the Origins of Nordic Giants.

I have been a fan of Nordic Giants since they released ‘Amplify Human Vibration’ in 2017. Their multi-layered, complex and cinematic music really resonates with me so I happily pre-ordered the vinyl before I even heard the promo and I haven’t been let down by this enigmatic duo.

The eight tracks are powerful and outspoken and come from the very heart and soul of Rôka and Löki and deliver a truly immersive musical experience from beginning to end. Their trademark stentorian voice overs are present, especially so on the powerful opening track Together and the thunderous rendition of Dark Clouds Mean War that closes out this release.

Up to date recordings of tracks, including a truly hypnotic and mesmerising version of Through A Lens Darkly (accompanied by live montage video of combining over 25 different Nordic Giants performances ranging from 2010 all the way through to Damnation Festival in 2023) and a vibrant and riveting take on The Seed (the latter featuring a heartfelt and truly personal vocal performance from Jake Reid), feature newly recorded live strings, drums, piano, synths and guitars to give a much better feel of the duo’s live experience.

The duo deliver refined and laid back beauty on Glass Skinned Girl, a haunting piece of music enhanced by a wistful, ethereal vocal from Freyja and an impish, eclectic left field atmosphere with Shine, where Cate Ferris channels her inner Icelandic vibe, sounding not unlike an early Björk. The vivid vitality at the heart of the band is shown to perfection on the addictive splendour of Speed The Crows Nest, a majestic reworking of the classic track and the uplifting, unhurried grace of B.O.A.T.S that benefits from the gorgeous vocals of Amdine.

‘Origins’ is a wondrous journey through all that is great about Nordic Giants. A collection of songs that have been fine tuned from the original to deliver an almost spiritual and addictive listening experience and one that will not just appeal to long term fans of this utterly compelling band but also to those lucky enough to be discovering them for the very first time.

Released 7th June, 2024.

Order from the band’s website here:

Origins Pre Order | Nordic Giants

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