Review – Nordic Giants – Symbiosis

Following on from the success of their debut album – ‘A Sèance of Dark Delusions’ and their documentary / soundtrack project – ‘Amplify Human Vibration’, the mysterious Nordic Giants emerge from hiding with their second studio album simply entitled – ‘Symbiosis’ set for release on 4th February 2022.

Symbiosis represents the interdependent relationship of all life. The union and blending of polar opposites, the harmony created when two different elements combine, not just in nature or in a philosophical sense, but at the root creative level.

Rôka and Löki state, 

“We start with a pure idea, we take all the emotions that live inside us,  that are buried deep within the sub-consciousness mind and give them the opportunity to shine through in musical form. Much like our first album – Symbiosis is a multi-layered album, It’s going to be hard to understand the depth of emotion, or spirit of the album on the first listen or even the second. But hopefully even on the 100th listen there may still be new layers revealing themselves to you.”

I do like it when the PR information about a new album really whets your appetite and builds the anticipation of its release. I am a huge fan of Nordic Giants so, after first reading the above, I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on ‘Symbiosis’ and to hear what the mysterious duo had in store for us.

I needn’t have worried, this new release is an absolute stunner, the band’s signature journey into the light and dark, the ambient and the powerful and the ethereal and the earthly is present and correct but subtly different. There is beauty and and almost extraneous feel to the album and it takes this enigmatic duo to another level of brilliance. The music flows around you, taking on a life of its own as it infuses your very being with an otherworldly touch and delivers an almost ‘out of body’ experience.

There is nothing quite like Nordic Giants, their unique take on music encompassing a broad tapestry of weird and wonderful sounds, from vintage analogue synths, Tibetan bowls and even a Carnyx horn. The haunting vocals of Freyja and Alex Hedley adding a haunting grace and ghostly refinement to the tracks Spheres and Faceless respectively, ‘Symbiosis’ is, however, a predominantly multi-layered instrumental album.

The stand out tracks are the exquisitely divine Hjem and gloriously resplendent calm of Spires of Ascendancy, two pieces of music that will take your breath away with their simple brilliance. Opener Philosophy of Mind harks back to the power of ‘Amplify Human Vibration’, Anamorphia has a strident and headstrong confidence at its core, Convergence is a confident trip into a subtle and refined electronica and Infinity closes the album perfectly, opening with moments of languid, laid back grace and ending with a powerful and compelling dignity .

There are hidden depths to this album and it is one that requires multiple listens to discover all of its passion and emotion, its spirit and its essence. 2022 is going to be a vintage year for excellent music and ‘Symbiosis’ will be right there at the top of the list come the end of the year. Nordic Giants plough their own determined furrow and just get better and better with every release.

Released 4th February, 2022.

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