AMS Records Announce Release of ALL TRAPS ON EARTH’s debut record “A Drop of Light”.

AMS Records is proud and excited to announce the forthcoming release of ALL TRAPS ON EARTH’s debut record “A Drop of Light”.

All Traps on Earth is a Swedish quartet led by Änglagård‘s Johan Brand, including two other members of the same band, Thomas Johnson and Erik Hammarström, and Johan’s daughter Miranda.

“A drop of light” is far beyond amazing: take Anglagard’s music, add an impressive wind section and soundscapes provided by five guest musicians, push everything to a high level of epicness and complexity, and you’ll have a slight idea of what All Traps on Earth is about!

This record will surely set new standards for the actual progressive rock scene, and is one of the best things we had the pleasure to release, ever. It will be available as a limited box-set, CD, double 180gr. LP, MC and on all digital platforms later this year.

For fans of: Anglagard, Goblin, Magma and the Canterbury prog scene of the ’70s.

4 thoughts on “AMS Records Announce Release of ALL TRAPS ON EARTH’s debut record “A Drop of Light”.”

  1. When I first discovered ANGLAGARD in February, 1994, I couldn’t believe a new progressive rock band now had a sound that enbraced and also eclipsed it’s musical forebearers! This group and album continue ( IMHO ) in that exceptional quality!

  2. Hello,
    I like progressive rock,but such more then very,very good music I didn’t litening long time ago.Bravo.

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