Review – Tides of Man – Every Nothing – by Progradar

Tides of Man is an instrumental rock band from Tampa, Florida. Drummer Josh Gould, bassist Alan Jaye, and guitarist Spencer Gill formed the band in 2007, with guitarist Daniel Miller joining in 2010.

The band has an interesting history, as they released music and toured for years with a vocalist before a dramatic shift occurred.

After starting out with a self released EP in 2008 and playing live in the Tampa Bay Area, Tides Of Man quickly built a local following before catching the attention of Portland, Oregon label, Rise Records.

They released 2 full length albums, ‘Empire Theory’ (2009), and ‘Dreamhouse’ (2010), which both featured vocals. After touring relentlessly in the U.S for 2 years, the band parted ways with their singer and record label and took time off to regroup.

After trying out many vocalists and demoing several new songs, the band was unable to find their new singer. With the sound of the new music already taking inspiration from the instrumental post-rock genre, Tides decided on a different approach. They stopped trying to fill the position and instead let the music speak for itself. After playing a show as an instrumental band, it was clear that it was the right decision, and fans embraced the change.

Tides Of Man successfully crowd funded their instrumental debut, ‘Young And Courageous’, in 2014 and return, after 4 years, with the follow up ‘Every Nothing’.

A wondrously expressive collection of twelve tracks that run a whole gamut of emotions all the way through from joy to despair. Layered and intricate tunes that invite the listener to bring their own perception to the music. The songs explore the theme that the most insignificant moments in life can be the most important.

There is power, beauty and grace evident in every musical moment from the brooding majesty of opener Static Hymn and the eminent and involving Old 88 to the fragile splendour of Waxwing and New Futures, the arrangements and tones deliver a truly emotional experience.

To me, this is the beauty of instrumental music, the lack of words allows the listener to create their own subliminal journey through the album, each track meaning something different to everyone. The pomp and circumstance of duo Everything is Fine, Everyone is Happy and the brilliantly titled Death is No Dread Enemy cement this instrumental magnificence perfectly.

‘Every Nothing’ is an album where you will gain the most from listening from beginning to end and immersing yourself in the whole acoustic experience, a dark, brooding but, ultimately, self-enriching journey from beginning to end and one which sees this supremely talented quartet raise their game on every level.

Released 3rd August 2018.

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