Review – starfish64 – Scattered Pieces Of Blue

starfish64 was established in 2006 by German singer-songwriter Dieter Hoffmann. Originally intended to be a vehicle for his solo-work, starfish64 began recording and publishing in the singer-songwriter genre at first. Over the years, however, sound and compositions shifted more and more towards progressive and new art rock.

‘Scattered Pieces Of Blue’ is the latest album and has been described by the band as ‘Somewhere between prog, pop, rock and outer space. And all in blue…’. To be fair, it is quite a fitting description as starfish64 have their own unique sound that does have touch of sc-fi soundtrack to it in places. The deliberate, almost monotone vocals work perfectly with the spaced out feel of the tracks and then the sublime guitar playing arrives to add that real touch of rock to the music.

This new album has been the band’s most successful yet, which is testimony to the strong songwriting and seamless flow between the often disparate styles of music. These musicians are masters of the segue in a way, which, on other albums by different artists, just doesn’t work. Here it becomes the signature of a band supremely happy with their musical style.

There’s the dreamlike contemplation of album opener Blue Piece Of Something In The Air, the sharp suited brilliance of Birdsong (I really like this track!) with its rather fine sprawling guitar solo at the end and the more upbeat Sunrise Over The Weathered Roofs Of Platania, a song that should be the musical definition of ‘sunny disposition’, three tracks that open the album in fine style.

Forget Me Not brings authority and seriousness, a stylish song that brings to mind a more laid back Kraftwerk to me, the plethora of synths and keyboards is wonder to behold. The short and sweet Blue Piece (Reprise) is like a rather appealing palate cleanser before an elegant piano opens the wistful and thoughtful Happiness, the dreamlike quality of this song is utterly charming.

Perhaps the most interesting and thought-provoking piece on the album, Time’s Up Utopia has a calming and engaging extended instrumental opening that lifts the anticipation perfectly. Tangerine Dream soundscapes wash around you, interspersed by the more direct vocals, a perfectly judged combination. This song is possibly the best that the band have ever written, in my humble opinion, it ebbs and flows in an utterly compelling manner and leaves you completely satisfied, the guitar solo is a piece of genius too! Intersection One sounds like a sci-fi soundtrack in composition and name and contains a cavernous dynamism, Number Forty-Five has a powerful edge to it, harder than most of the other songs, the echoing guitar imbues it with a forceful, potent, energy. The album closes with the surreal countenance of Space Junk, a nostalgic, almost mournful feeling piece of music with an honest and determined outlook and the best guitar solo on the album, all fire and brimstone. It’s an impressive way to close out what has been a rather brilliant album.

starfish64 have been around for a pretty long time and definitely know how to make music but, with ‘Scattered Pieces Of Blue’, they have raised their already considerable level to a new high. Often thoughtful and contemplative but also at times vivid and intense, it is an album that they should be truly proud of and contains their very essence as musicians, I highly recommend it.

Released 5th June, 2022.

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Starfish64 Release New Single – ‘Birdsong’ – Ahead of Forthcoming Album ‘Scattered Pieces Of Blue’

Starfish64 have a new single out in support of their new album coming in early 2022. The song is an evocative and uplifting hymn to the birdsong and beauty of nature. The forthcoming album „Scattered Pieces Of Blue“ will include a wide range of moods from groovy modern sounds, fragile acoustic pieces to a lengthy and spacey progressive suite.

Birdsong is available through all common streaming services and download portals as well as on:

You can watch the video here:

Review – starfish64 – The Future In Reverse – by Jez Denton

Listening to music, for me, is immersive. I wish to be enveloped in melody, washed over by lyrical whimsy and transported through waves of sonic delights to transcendental states of heightened perceptions. I want to fall into music, to feel emotions and to become at one with the albums I listen to. Much of this requirement I blame on Pink Floyd’s 1973 masterpiece, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, as that is an album set a bar, that for many, is a totally unrealistic target with only a few bands reaching somewhere close; Fish era Marillion, moments from Dire Straits, recent albums from John Grant and Public Service Broadcasting standing out.

Putting on my headphones and listening to the six tracks on the new album from Starfish64, ‘The Future In Reverse’, I was reminded greatly of these highlight moments of musical enjoyment for me as the band, which comprises Dieter Hoffman, Henrik Kropp, Martin Pownall and Dominik Suhl (ably assisted by Kass Moody, Julie Pownall, Jan Thiede and Simon Triebal), have created a delicious flight of fantasy that echoes (pun intended) Floyd in its sweeping and swooping harmonies between guitars, keyboards and voices. Minimal in its concept and use of equipment, it nevertheless has shown craftsmen at the top of their game giving full vent to their talents.

For me, the great joy of this album is the interplay and harmony between guitar and keyboards, reminiscent of Messrs Gilmour and Wright but also, and perhaps more so Steve Rotherey and Mark Kelly of Marillion. I recently reviewed, for my own website:

Marillion’s last album where one slight criticism I gave was that I felt that many of the tracks felt like Steve and Mark were either held back or didn’t give themselves total full reign to really expand and develop their interplay.

‘The Future In Reverse’ does this, in spades and with knobs on; beautifully, elegantly and expertly. The harmonies developed are sumptuous, they drive with focus and they help create what is a most immersive and enjoyable listen.

Released 11th June 2018

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