Single Review – The Oculist – Lavender

The Oculist returns with their captivating new single, Lavender, following their acclaimed debut release, Swan Dive. Prepare to be mesmerised by Adam Dunn’s songwriting genius, weaving a tale of platonic love, drama, and blood reminiscent of classical literature.

Joining Adam on this musical voyage is the extraordinary Kerry O’Dowd, whose electrifying vocals breathe life into the characters of Lavender. O’Dowd’s voice effortlessly captures the essence of the song and projecting its emotion.

To further enhance the sonic landscape of Lavender, The Oculist enlisted the talents of Belgian percussionist Evert Van Eynde, who recorded the enchanting sound of marimbas.

The Oculist is Adam Dunn and Çağrı Tozluoğlu. This track features extraordinary talents of Simon Fitzpatrick on the bass and James Wise on drums.

“Following on from the dynamic prog-metal of Swan Dive, The Oculist show a more measured and thoughtful approach with the symphonic wonder of Lavender. A wonderful, near eight minutes, of musical drama where the amazing vocals of Kerry O’Dowd add an almost Celtic vibe to the song. Scintillating musicianship is a given, of course, and the whole track just leaves a feeling of immense wellbeing coursing through your very soul.”

Released on July 14th, 2023, you can get Lavender at bandcamp here:

Lavender | The Oculist (