US-based Prog Metal group Nospūn share video for “Earwyrm” from debut album Opus

Hailing from North Carolina’s music scene, new progressive metal quartet Nospūn have released one of the year’s most surprising albums.  The band’s stunning debut, Opus, is a sonic journey that combines intricate melodies and powerful rhythms, creating something utterly breathtaking.  Showcasing stellar musicianship and vocals, Nospūn have made the progressive metal world take notice.

Today, the band are pleased to share the video for the track “Earwyrm.”

The band explain the single: “Every great concept album still needs a song that can stand on its own, even without the context of the rest of the album to support it. We wrote “Earwyrm” to fulfill that role on Opus. It’s shorter than the more epic tracks and has lots of energy, but it still contains that grandiose vibe that the rest of the album has. Because of that, it was easily our first choice for a music video.”

The band had this to say about the response to the album so far: “The response we’ve received for Opus has been so affirming. When you work on an album for seven years, it becomes easy to lose the sense of whether people outside the band bubble will enjoy it, so it’s a huge relief to see that they do. And it’s just a great feeling to wake up every day and see someone new saying they just found our album and are loving it!”

1.The House at the End 01:53
2.Implosion Overture 05:14
3.The Death of Simpson 09:10
4.Dance With Me! 03:48
5.Tougher Love 02:56
6.Earwyrm 05:21
7….And Then There Was One 07:16
8.4D Printing 06:42
9.Within the Realm of Possibility 15:23
10.Back, Yet Forward 09:18
11.The House at the Beginning 03:57

Nospūn are:
Phillip Rich – Vocals
James Nelson – Guitars
Cole Millward – Bass
Paul Wood – Drums