Bader Nana to release new album ‘Devolver’ on April, 10 2017 – Reveals Artwork

If you are a fan of progressive rock and have not heard of Bader Nana then you could be doing yourself a great disservice! His earlier releases ‘Wormwood’ (2011) and ‘Anthology’ (2013) have been received with astonishment in light of them being home studio projects by fans and critics alike. Bader Nana is a one-man band releasing albums on which he plays/writes all instruments, produces, masters, and designs the artwork. His music has been featured on various rock/metal websites as well as getting radio airplay on several European radio stations. The level of musicianship and production has left many listeners dumbfounded that such a talent has not yet been picked up by a major record label.

‘Devolver’ has been in production for more than 3 years allowing Nana to explore new sonic and musical territory at his leisure to his complete satisfaction. The music remains on a progressive bedrock, as with previous releases, but is driven by a fresh message of hope. This hope is translated onto a diverse palette of musical arrangements ranging from cinematic orchestration, to soaring ballads, to dirty distorted rock anthems. This album features several guest appearances including guitar and vocal work by Ramzi Ramman (The JLP Show, Lebanon) and vocals by Omar Afuni (Omar Afuni, Dubai).

Track listing
Mercenaries – 7:42
Victorious – 5:05
Without a Backward Glance – 5:37
Full Circle – 4:38
I am Alive – 10:42
Dust Within Me – 4:49
Desperate Times – 6:14
Devolver – 23:03

Total Runtime: 66 min

Bader Nana’s previous body of work can be found at
including his previous albums and a variety of side projects.