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“The Geof Whitely Project was formed in 2011, it consists of Geof Whitely and special guest Musicians, the aim of the project is to put out original material in all types of musical formats from Prog Rock-Rock-Pop-Electronic-Instrumental. All albums will contain a mix of such musical songs, theres surely one that will appeal to everyone.”

Prolific: producing a great number or amount of something..’

The Geof Whitely Project, or Arny Wheatley, (he is the one man project after all!) have a new album out and I have been lucky enough to hear this album before it’s release on 5th January, 2024. Arny is a one man musical creating machine and prolific is a word that describes him to a tee, having released thirty studio albums since he started.

The formula of a Geof Whitely Project, and the ethos, is if it ain’t broken then don’t fix it. He never strays too far from what has been a successful format for him, although there does tend to be a little something extra or slightly different with each release. That is definitely true of his latest album ‘Curse of the darkness’, although the striking cover is something that has become a definite norm. The sound has always been majorly keyboard oriented with swathes of lush sound coming from the synthesiser but I feel that the guitar has taken more of the centre stage on this album and it is played with a lot of skill and dexterity.

Arny has one of those voices that never changes and it shouldn’t as his delivery is precise and very melodic and, basically, I like it a lot. There’s a laid back feel to much of the music, engendered by his mellifluous vocals and those ever so stylish and lush keys, especially when the piano comes in to give some added class and kudos. An elegant rhythm section of bass and drums drives everything on with a breezy precision to give a really immersive atmosphere to the music.

The album is one of those that is best consumed as a whole, you need to sit back with time on your hands to relax and enjoy the album as a total experience rather than picking out tracks here and there which now seems to be the accepted way to listen to music. That makes me shudder, I’ve listened to music for over fifty years and I have always enjoyed it when I can concentrate and be fully involved in an album as a musical journey and an accompaniment to life, or even a getaway sometimes!

‘Curse of the darkness’ is full of superb tracks and it is hard to pick out highlights, opener The Reckoning, smouldering title track Curse of the darkness (with some superb guitar work) and the upbeat Under burning skies (more echoing guitar) all showcase Arny’s prodigious talents but then so do the elegant Supernatural casualty and the album closer Slight of hand with it’s ever so cool 80’s feel. To be fair, there are no duff tracks on the album but you need to have a listen and make your mind up for yourself.

So, the Geof Whitely Project and ‘Curse of the darkness’, is it just more of the same? I think, with this album, Arny has stretched himself even more and it shows. There’s real musical nous on show and his songwriting is as good as ever, if not better and the guitar playing in parts is just stellar. This man can be as prolific as he likes when it keeps on being as good as this!

Released 5th January, 2024.

Order from bandcamp here:

“CURSE OF THE DARKNESS” (album) | Geof Whitely Project (

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