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Formed in 2012, The Aaron Clift Experiment is a multi-faceted band that blends influences from classic rock (Rush, Pink Floyd, King Crimson), modern rock (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), jazz, and classical – all anchored by a dedication to high-quality songwriting and musicianship.  Progradar has described the group as “one of the most impressive progressive acts currently on the scene.”

The band’s upcoming 4th album, ‘The Age of Misinformation’ is one of the most eagerly awaited prog albums of 2023.  A conceptual work about the destructive power of lies and the search for truth in the face of overwhelming odds, “The Age of Misinformation” marks a high point for the band’s lyrical ambition, musical creativity, and emotional resonance.

The band’s 4th album is a conceptual work about the destructive power of lies and the search for truth in the face of overwhelming odds.

Band founder, Aaron Clift, explains: “During the COVID lockdown of
2020 – 2021, my friends, colleagues, and country went through an
incredibly challenging time, and I knew that I had to say something
about it. ‘The Age of Misinformation’ is The Aaron Clift Experiment’s
document of that era.”

Aaron notes: “For ‘The Age of Misinformation,’ we wanted to do more
of everything: record music that was more intricate, more melodic, and
more diverse than anything we had done before. I’m really happy with
how we pulled it off, but above all, I love how the album explores a
concept that reflects the events of our current world. There are songs
all about frustration with the crazy state of politics, but there’s also a
renewed sense of optimism in other songs – knowing that there’s always
a light at the end of the cave.”

I’ve always found The Aaron Clift Experiment to be a band that can mix genres with consummate ease and blend various styles with aplomb to create their own signature sound. A new album from these talented musicians is always something to look forward to and ‘The Age of Misinformation’ is no different.

Title track, and album opener, The Age of Misinformation, is a hard rocking, in your face, diatribe about lies and misinformation and it gets its point over with Aaron Clift’s hard-edged vocals and the staccato guitar and drums of Anthony Basini and Pablo Ranlett-López respectively. This fast paced track takes hold of you and never lets go as it drags you along in its wake. L.I.A.R is a cleverly constructed track of different moods and emotions. The sophisticated layers of music create a lingering tension that is only relieved when Aaron’s soaring vocal intercedes. These guys have some serious musical chops and Anthony’s guitar work is rather tasty indeed and Clif Warren’s accomplished bass playing holds everything together splendidly. Well, what can I say about Bet On Zero? Coming in at over 10 minutes it could be described as an epic but this quasi jazz/prog/rock fusion piece is much more than that and the inclusion of Big Wy’s Brass Band gives it more than a touch of the ‘big band’ sound. Simply put, you won’t hear anything like it this year, guaranteed and, if someone had told me about the song before I heard it, I just wouldn’t have believed it could work but work it does and, oh, how brilliantly! Dark Secrets is another deliciously dangerous song that imbues a certain sense of drama and mystery through it’s urgent music and forceful vocals.

Rise seems to appear out of the shadows like a beacon of light and lifts the sombre mood as it wafts elegantly across your mind. Intricate melodies and gorgeous keyboards linger in the mind before the track changes tempo and becomes more compelling and pressing, culminating in another impressive guitar solo from Anthony Basini. The Color of Flight is just a gorgeous piece of music, the wonderful string quartet giving elegance and a wistful, ethereal quality. It literally dances across your heartstrings with its dreamy, wishful yearning and Aaron’s vocals are soft and contemplative, simply brilliant. Málaga takes the string quartet in a totally different direction, a modern, impelling song that moves along at a fair clip with an airy, hopeful atmosphere and the violin solo is just genius, adding, almost, a Latin American flavour. The album closes with the balladic wonder and calm of Weight of the World, a tender, passionate piece of music that really will touch your soul and this is where Aaron’s vocal and keyboard skills really get to shine. It is a fitting end to what has been a thoroughly enthralling experience.

There’s intelligence and creative brilliance running throughout this excellent album. These gifted and inventive musicians have not only given us some fantastic songs but also a wonderfully potent piece of social commentary. ‘The Age of Misinformation’ is without a doubt The Aaron Clift Experiment’s finest album yet and they will start 2023 with what is going to one of the year’s most superlative releases.

Released 6th January, 2023.

You’ll be able to order the album here from 6/1/23:

The Aaron Clift Experiment | Prog Rock Band from Austin, Texas

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