Hibernal Announce New Album – The Dark Of The City

Mark Healy, the man behind the incredible sci-fi worlds of the Hibernal music project, has announced details of the latest album that is to be released on January 12th 2017.

Mark Healy is an author of sci-fi fiction. His music project Hibernal interweaves these sci-fi stories with instrumental music to tell a compelling storyline that unfolds throughout the course of the album.

The new record, ‘The Dark Of The City’, is based around the story of a cop who undertakes a relentless search for the creature that killed her partner. This new collection of 10 tracks follows on from his three previous releases, 2013’s ‘The Machine’, 2014’s ‘Replacements’ and ‘After The Winter’, released in April of last year.

I had this to say about ‘After The Winter’:

Mark Healy’s cinematic and evocative soundscapes waft over a post-apocalyptic spoken word storyline to deliver an immensely visceral listening experience.”

You can pre-order ‘The Dark Of The City’ now and get a download of the title track immediately.

Pre-order here

Check out the video for the title track below:

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