The Pentangle Sign Four Album Deal With Renaissance Records

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The British folk-jazz band, The Pentangle has signed a four-album deal with music label, Renaissance Records. Renaissance Records will be re-issuing albums The Pentangle, Basket Of Light, Cruel Sister and Pentangling onto deluxe package heavyweight vinyl. This will be the first time these albums have been issued onto vinyl in the United States since their initial releases in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.

This folk-rock supergroup started out in 1967 under the original line-up of Jacqui McShee (vocals), John Renbourn (vocals and guitar), Bert Jansch (vocals and guitar), Danny Thompson (double bass), and Terry Cox (drums). Their sound is an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, blues, and folk rock influences that gives them their one of a kind sound. Their debut album, The Pentangle, is known for creating an innovative approach to recording acoustic guitars to deliver a very bright “bell like” sound.

The Pentangle’s third full length studio album, Basket of Light was released in 1969 and received commercial success. The song, ‘Light Flight’ became a popular hit single after it was placed as the theme song for the television series, Take Three Girls. The album placed at #5 on the charts and would be the peak of The Pentangle’s long career.

Renaissance Records will start with the release of their debut album, The Pentangle, Basket of Light and Cruel Sister onto deluxe 180g gram vinyl in late August of 2021. The remaining greatest hits album, Pentangling will be released in September of 2021. These albums will include extra incentives such as trading cards of the original band members, lyric sheets, lost photos, and more when you purchase them exclusively with Renaissance Records.

The Pentangle, Basket of Light, Cruel Sister, and Pentangling are available now for pre-order from

‘The Pentangle’ Track List

1. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme

2. Bells

3. Hear My Call

4. Pentangling

5. Mirage

6. Way Behind The Sun

7. Bruton Town

8. Waltz

‘Basket of Light’ Track List

1. Light Flight (Theme from ‘Take Three Girls’)

2. Once I Had A Sweetheart

3. Springtime Promises

4. Lyke-Wake Dirge

5. Train Song

6. Hunting Song

7. Sally Go Round The Roses

8. The Cuckoo

9. House Carpenter

‘Cruel Sister’ Track List

1. A Maid That’s Deep In Love

2. When I Was In My Prime

3. Lord Franklin

4. Cruel Sister

5. Jack Orion

‘Pentangling’ Track List

1. I’ve Got A Feeling

2. Helping Hand

3. Pentangling

4. When I Get Home

5. Rain And Snow

6. Lyke Wake Dirge

7. The Trees They Do Grow

8. A Maid That’s In Love

9. Once I Had A Sweetheart

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The Pentangle was formed in 1967 by John Renbourn and Bert Jansch, two guitarists who had both already recorded as solo artists since 1965. The duo was later joined by Jacqui Mcshee on vocals, Danny Thompson on double bass, and Terry Cox on drums and percussion. The Pentangle played a mixture of Jazz and Folk with Blues-elements, influences that the band integrated in their debut record ‘The Pentangle’. In 1969 they released their masterpiece Basket of Light, a commercial success including the single ‘Light Flight’ which served as the theme song to the UK television series ‘Take Three Girls’.

About Renaissance Records

Founded in 1993 by former Aerospace Engineer John W. Edwards who had a passion for music and a new idea to form a recording label. He focused on the reissuing of classic rock and classic country LPs on CD for the first time. Renaissance Records soon signed licensing deals with EMI-Capitol, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and BMG/RCA/Arista. The record label has released recordings from artists such as Blue Oyster Cult, Crack The Sky, Girlschool, Roxy Music, Bob Welch, and Electric Light Orchestra Part II.