Music Matters

Martin, Mike and David

Hello and welcome to my website/blog.

At Progradar its is the music that matters and that’s what I write about, Music matters.

I’m no professional music journalist, just a lover of progressive music and, particularly, British prog music. This is where I share my ruminations, reviews and recommendations of the great prog music out there.

Catch up with album release news, tour information and a weekly dose of what you may want to spend your hard earned money on, my legendary Weekly Wallet Emptier.

Pleasse feel free to wander around this website and I am always open to comments, good or bad !

4 thoughts on “Music Matters”

  1. Would like to submit music for review
    (a CD). It had been reviewed favorably
    so far by Progression, Expose & Terrascope UK. Please provide mailing
    Address. Thank you
    -Jay (OHO)

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