EchoVerse announce debut album ‘Whisper Between Worlds’ with video for new single “Not Like The Other”

EchoVerse is a Progressive Rock band that seamlessly blends Christian spirituality with elements of Prog, Hard Rock, and even Classical music. Set to release their debut album Whispers Between Worlds on August 20th, 2024, the band navigates complex themes of faith and the human experience through a series of powerful tracks.

The band are pleased to share the new video for “Not Like The Others,” directed by Christian Rios, here:

The band had this to say about the new single:
“‘Not Like The Others’ confronts the hypocrisy within modern churches, highlighting the emptiness of outward displays of faith without genuine love, and challenges us all to embrace true compassion and humility in our journies with God. The track is also a straight-ahead rocker with some 7/4 riffs to help maintain our Prog cred. :)”

EchoVerse has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the album’s release, featuring an 8-panel Digipak CD, two limited Vinyl options, a Kickstarter-exclusive T-Shirt, and much more.

Kickstarter details here:

Support EchoVerse: Help Launch Our Debut Prog Rock Album! 🪐 by EchoVerse — Kickstarter

Drawing inspiration from bands like Spock’s Beard, Rush, Marillion, and Dream Theater, EchoVerse builds on the foundation of their former group, Ascher, with a new lineup and a fresh creative vision.

Whispers Between Worlds opens with “Not Like the Other,” which addresses outward hypocrisy in modern churches, and quickly moves into “Sins of the Father,” exploring the enduring impact of generational sin on today’s society. “Feelings of Grey” then offers a contemplative look at mental health, emphasizing the comforting role of faith during dark times. The narrative of hope and resurrection unfolds in “Empty,” which narrates the story of The Passion from the Empty Room to the Empty Tomb. Reaching a narrative crescendo, “The War Within” presents a 31-minute epic, divided into nine sections, that explores the battles between man and evil, both internally and externally. The album concludes with “Walk Alone,” which poses profound questions about the choices we make and the paths we choose to follow.

Track Listing

1. Not Like the Other (5:44)

2. Sins of the Father  (6:45)

3. Feelings of Grey  (6:42)

4. Empty (5:23)

5. The War Within (Total Time 30:54)

I. I Walk Away   (5:17)

II. Something Sinister This Way Comes  (1:51)

III. The Devil in My Ear (2:35)

IV. Push Back (3:20)

V. Now (3:57)

VI. Final Conflict (6:05)

VII. Back Where I Belong (3:51)
VIII. I Know It’s You (2:52)

IX. The War Within (1:06)

6. Walk Alone (6:17)

Kyle Graves: Lead Vocals
Doug Bowers: Vocals, Keys, Bass, Guitar
Rob Perez: Lead Guitar
Kyle Fagala: Drums, Vocals

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