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Keyboardist/singer Paul J.No and vocalist/drummer Sebastien Bournier have known each other for twenty years. They’ve been playing on each others records for a long time and a few years ago they decided to write songs together. Lyrics and musical ideas were exchanged and before they knew it 8 songs were born. Both realised fairly quickly that they needed another soul to cover their weaknesses i.e. guitars, bass and mix. Luckily, Sebastien knew the perfect gem and invited his old friend Jean-Philippe Benadjer to come aboard. Jean-Philippe gladly agreed and contributed beautiful guitars and bass as well as music for two new songs, thus completing the 10 songs of the first Lunear album ‘Many Miles Away’.

Of the new album, ‘from above’, the band had this to say, “We don’t like to repeat ourselves too much and try to offer different albums each time. ‘Many miles away’ was a classic song album, ‘Curve.Axis.Symmetry’ a concept album and ‘Gostraks’ an album of covers all linked together. It was time to try something else.”

To paint the picture, ‘from above’ is four tracks, one of which is over twenty-five minutes long, that’s a prog epic if ever I heard of one and definitely right up my street so let’s delve a bit further into this intriguing band’s latest offering…

It takes confidence to open a four track album with the twenty-five minute prog epic centrepiece and this trio have plenty of that, In their eyes immediately immerses the listener in sweeping soundscapes and wistful vocals. There’s a cinematic feel to proceedings as the elegant keyboards and refined drums provide a wonderful palette of sounds on which the band can build this rather fine piece of music. One of the immediate highlights for me are the elegant and cultured vocals that run throughout the album but the skill with which Lunear build layers of lush, sophisticated and polished music has to be admired. Is it a prog epic? Well, there’s definitely touches of progressive rock to the track but it is more than just that, it’s a fine song that draws the listener into this creative trio’s musical world, a world in which you’re happy to stay and take your time, enjoying the theatre and drama on show.

Let’s see how the band follow up that brilliant track? the second song on the album is Cathedral and, once again, Lunear show just what excellent storytellers they are as a church organ opens the track, building the anticipation before a hushed piano line takes up the tale. This sublimely restrained piece of music then begins to build with a questioning guitar and more dynamic vocal to give a feel of British prog icons IQ to my ears. The cleverly constructed songs and charismatic, compelling music are a joy to listen to and are leaving a real impression on me. So let’s go is the shortest track on the album and is almost like a musical amuse bouche as the gentle, thoughtful music flows over with feelings of sepia tinged nostalgia, a time when everything was a lot less complicated. It’s a lovely, contemplative track, full of bonhomie, that really leaves its mark on you. The album closes with the melancholy wonder of The tears of nostalgia, a sorrow filled vocal and delicate acoustic guitar set the scene and tug at your heartstrings with their sparse beauty. Refined synthesisers and a pensive piano lead to a thoughtful atmosphere that just builds with a wishful yearning before the music bursts force with a powerful riff and energetic drum beat that envelopes you and engages you on a moving and impassioned musical journey. It’s a really poignant and emotive way to close out what has been a singular experience.

It’s always a joy to me to hear new music that is as profound and moving as this. With ‘From above’, Lunear have delivered an album that is, for me, an unexpected joy and a highlight in a year that has already delivered some very stellar releases indeed!

Released May 16th, 2024.

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