Hungarian prog masters Kaltenecker-Marko share video for “Space Junk”

Kaltenecker-Marko, the Hungarian duo of Zsolt Kaltenecker & Adam Marko, released their debut album ‘Space Junk’ in April 2022. The album is a unique mixture of prog, modern jazz and other electronic styles which manages to impress and engage the listener at the same time.

Today, the duo are pleased to share the new video for the track “Space Junk ” which you can see now here:

Zsolt Kaltenecker & Adam Marko are among Hungary’s top musicians, and also members of the well-known instrumental band Special Providence who have toured with Haken, Spock’s Beard, and others. The duo invites the listeners to a special musical journey from prog, djent, downtempo to trip-hop and jazzfusion, many electronic styles are recalled live on two instruments, keyboards and drums. The minimal setup is really challenging and also gives air and space for the artists to showcase their abilities as musicians.


1. Secret Shifter
2. Doubt
3. Higher
4. Space Junk
5. The 7th Wave
6. Unexpected
7. Wormhole
8. Bill Murray
9. Bunuel
10. Lemuria
11. Dharma Bums
12. Glitches
13. The Way 

Get the album here:

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